Hulk and meme

A little fan art of my all time super hero. :) Tribute to the upcoming movie The Avengers.
Really looking forward for some hulk smashing. :D
And yes.. some random stuff as well.. it's all over the  Here's a version of me.

Just to check in and out.
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Big Cow WIP

Hmm, didnt have much to do today beside refining the petronas storyboard this morning, took the time to did this. The sketch was from college work, even though didnt get approve from lecturer but then I do like the character design myself. So decided to redraw the outline and colour it later on which I do not know when.

Hope you guys like it. Thanks for viewing, comments are most welcome. :)

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Had to do storyboard today for petronas, did some sketches to get myself warm up for the job. Realized that still really really bad at drawing girls, ugh. Gotta practice drawing girls more often...means..see girls more often. :D

Better start the storyboard now, if not gonna go home late again.

Cheers. Ta.
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Happy Birthday Bank!

A quick caricature for one of the member in Arc worldwide. My senior art director from Thailand, today is his birthday and all the Arc members celebrated with him, had a cake for him, he was so shy, haha. Really really quiet person.

Anyway, happy birthday Bank Phianphon!

p/s: please be slightly more noisy. XD
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30mins SP

Yeah I have started working in Leo Burnett ARC Worldwide, been quite busy recently, living my life til quite the fullest, working like almost non stop even saturday and sunday. Didn't have much time to do my own things especially drawing. Doing a lot of advertising stuff, not exactly what I like to do but I'm getting the hang of it, just taking it as learning experience and get to know how it is like in the advertising industry.

So since I got to office quite early today, took a bit of time to do a SP before I get any job to do. A little unfinished but it is simply for my drawing practice purpose, random idea just pops out while I was painting this. Hope you like it.

Love the Spartans, long live Leonidas. :)
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Iphone 15 minutes sketch

This was painted using my friend's Iphone application name SketchBookX, this is the best painting application ive tried so far. I was trying all the features, brushes and everything else and i found it almost like photoshop. It was a little hard because I needed to use the tip of my finger to keep tapping on the Iphone, but it was fun trying out new things.

As for all the artist who has an Iphone, do go and download this app. and try it out. I hope you will have fun like i did.
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Character Design

Concept Art Character Design

Delivery Beast

Multiple Attack Robot

Game Cover - Slam Punk
Conceptual Space Marine

The Tale of Tykios
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Mixed Media

Mixed Media - Airbrush + Colour pencil.

The Rock Caricature
Nicholas Cage
Jason William
Cartier Watch
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Digital Portraits

Allen Iverson

Yasmine Tran

Keanu Reeves

Cheryl Desiree Chan
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Storyboard, Animatic shootingboard

Dutch Lady Storyboard

Animatic - Shooting Board
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Manga - Love is a Seed


Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

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AI and anti-war poster

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